Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Reaching for the Stars

After DM and I used all our mojo last night to beat Pedro, I am feeling pretty darn pumped up. SuperNova is blaming his two losses on the Chorizo (and keeps asking me if I have tried it yet...answer: NO!). But I will tell you here and now that if and when the Nats finally lose when I am there, it will be because I personally did something wrong.

Ex: Last Thursday, it was so hot that after Loaiza's no-hitter bid was broken up, I went to the shady section in the 300s and gave two guys my seats so I could sit in the shade. When the Nats started getting pummelled, I paid pennance by walking the lower bowl back and forth for the last two innings to keep the streak alive (now, that's being a fan (or a sign of extreme delusional paranoia)).

Anyway, I am now at 11-0 and DM is at 8-0 (for a combined 15-0 when you cancel out the 4 games we have gone together).

Political glitterati sighted last night: We sat a few seats over from Colin Powell last night, and I will say that the man looks considerably more fit than he did when he was regularly on TV (seen here showing how big you need to stretch out your hands to hold a sign that says "United States"). Must be those tae-bo classes. Also, to the Secretary's credit, he did stay the whole game.

It gets me salivating thinking how good this team could be once the injury bug is over and if we actually got one more key player, either at short or at starting pitcher.

Think about it, last night Carlos Baerga played first base, and Matt Cepicky (pictured here from his acting days) played left field. Both looked pretty dreadful at the plate. Think what happens when you replace Baerga with Nick Johnson and Cepicky (pictured here at the Olympics) with Ryan Church. With Vidro back, that is a real line-up. I don't even mind Carroll batting 8th in that lineup, and might consider focusing on a top-level pitcher as our add-on to slide Patterson, Loaiza and Drese down and Armas out. That would be a solid lineup and a great starting pitching staff with a bullpen that has been stellar this year. Gives me goosebumps!

Finally, for you Cepicky fans, here he is oposite the Fonz.


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It's a shame more people aren't going to click on those links! :)


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