Monday, July 25, 2005

How bad is this offense?

So bad that John Patterson, who is 5th in the entire majors in ERA at 2.58, is likely on pace to set a record for no decisions by a starter, although I don't know the exact number he'd need.

So bad that their major league worst batting average with runners in scoring position is starting to look like Cristian Guzman's overall average.

So bad that they are:
30th in MLB (out of 30 obviously) in Runs scored at 388.
30th in HR at 70.
30th in TB at 1284.
29th in BA at .255.
22nd in OBP at .325 (only 5 points out of 29th).
30th in SLG at .389.
29th in OPS at .714.
30th in Runs created per 27 outs.

And then, we get to the outs we just give away.... In the entire majors, we are:
30th in SB % at 49%, the only team under .500--only one other team is even below 60%.
#1 in Sacrifice hits at 61. No other team even has 55. 8 teams have fewer than 20.
9th in sac flies at 30--the #1 team is only at 35, so we are pretty close.
No team is within single digits of our 91 overall sacrificess.
In addition, we have the 3rd most strikeouts in MLB at 671.
We are 7th in MLB at 84 GIDP (#3 is 87).

So, in the just pure giving away outs category, we are #1 in sacs with 91, #7 in GIDP with 84, #3 in Ks at 671 and have the worst stolen base percentage.

As far as I know, NONE of those particular items is related to where our freakin' fences are. So, my advice to the team is to stop whining and start hitting the ball. Has anyone on the team considered the fact that we are just not a power-hitting team and maybe it is time to start adjusting to the park and hitting a bunch of singles and doubles, that combined with our pitching staff should win a bunch of games like we did in the first half of the season? Seriously, guys, shut up and start hitting the ball.
And Frank, outs are a little too precious to waste bunting your best players. Please...wake up.

Finally park effects or no park effects, we still play half our games outside of RFK. The idea that we are #3 in Ks and #30 in HRs is just absurd. Have we decided to be neither contact hitters NOR power hitters? The 2 teams ahead of us in Ks are both in the top 10 in homers. Of the teams right behind us, a couple are in the top 10 and the other two are well out of contention #15 (the Dodgers) and #21 (the Rockies).
We need a game plan and we need it now. The most important week of our season is upon us, so it is now or never.


At 4:01 PM, Blogger Sam said...

I made my Nationals-loving 4-year-old watch innings 8-14 yesterday. Now I'm afraid the people from the City are gonna knock on my door and take him to a better home.

Not that it had any impact whatsoever on the game, but with an off game today, wouldn't you have considered running Cordero out there for a second inning (the tenth)? Especially the way he pitches, I've got to think he can do two innings when needed.

Also, no Livan pitch hit? I guess he's hurting, but he can hit.


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