Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Some Nationals team stats

I did a review of how some of our stats compare to the rest of the league, and unfortunately, it isn't pretty. Now, for the batting statistics, one has to remember that there is a bit of an RFK factor which will weigh our offensive numbers down a bit. However, one would then think that our pitching stats should be equally affected and they are pretty doggone average.
What this tells me is that while these one run victories are very exciting and being in first place makes me feel great, we are going to need some more actual "performance" if we want to keep this up. (Anything not listed below will probably mean I looked but we were right at or near the middle of the pack).

Batting stats (all rankings are among the entire MLB, not just NL):
The good!: We are 4th in the majors in getting hit by a pitch with 29.

The bad (everything else):
27th out of 30 MLB teams in runs per game at 4.09
23rd in OPS at .728, (but well ahead of team # 24)
28th in home runs at 40
19th in OBP at .329 (need to be better if low slugging)
26th in Slugging at .399
28th in SBs, yet 5th in CS for by far the WORST SB % in the majors at .45%
3rd in majors in Sacrifice bunts and 3rd in Sac flies, for first overall with 50 sacrifices (we at Nats Blog are not a fan of the sacrifice except in certain situations)
3rd in GIDPs in majors with 54 (essentially one per game), just awful
Tied for 23rd in pitches per plate appearance (but getting better as of late)
23rd in "Runs Created" per 27 outs (improving as of late)

So, the good news even if it isn't much, is that clearly, we have been getting the big hits when we need them this last week, but I would like to see some real explosions of offense. And I admit that may be asking for a lot and you would be right to tell me to shut up and enjoy the wins.

Pitching stats (we were just more middle of the pack on a lot of things like ERA, etc. than I thought we would be--I expected to see top 10 on more things):
The good!: 8th in OPS against at .718 (result of low slugging against us (6th best))
Tied for 3rd best in HR allowed at 40 (and well ahead of # 5 (48). Florida is by far the best (28)).
9th best save %.
4th best in caught stealing getting 45% of those that attempt steals against us.

The bad:
20th in MLB in WHIP
27th in Ks per BB
Last in Ks per 9 innings

So, we are allowing a decent amount of baserunners, even if not many power shots, and don't have the ability to strike guys out. That is a little worrisome to me.

Anyway, interpret as you like, but my inclination is to be generally happy with the pitching and shudder at a combination of low OPS which we then give up more outs through sacs and especially GIDPs. Essentially, it looks like we are trying to be the White Sox without a couple of the White Sox's key ingredients.

That being said...Nats Blog goes for (KNOCKS ON WOOD!!!) 14-0 tonight as DM and dexys will be there cheering on our red and white knights (as opposed to white elephants).


At 4:23 PM, Blogger El Gran Color Naranja said...

You can take this as bad news (we're going to crash) or as good news (we've managed to sneak out of a bad stretch with a record 5 games over .500, now we have a chance to actually play well and keep it up).

Admittedly calling a third of a season a "stretch" is itself a bit of a stretch. However if Vidro comes back healthy, Wilkerson returns to budding star status, Guzman decides to retire and become a monk, and nothing else changes, we could really make a move.

What are the BP percentages on "nothing else changing" the rest of the year?


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