Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Not must win, but...

I am never going to say that a game against the Pirates in mid-late June is a must win situation. However, it is certainly an important game. It is the difference between us being over .500 and under .500 on this road trip. It is a game where Patterson is pitching that we "should" win. It is the difference between a happy day of rest and a day of rest after two losses to a bad team. And given that the rest of the division is playing each other this week, losing a series means that we would be assured of losing ground on other teams in the division.

As I write this now, Patterson has given up 3 homers today...what is up with that? Before last week, he had only given up one (the Alou grand slam) all season. Get those pitching coaches to work with him now on getting back the early season form.

Speaking of home runs, Guillen has hit two today. Way to go Jose! I think given his recent big power explosion (and yes, I know they are headed back to RFK where he has only hit one this season), I would move him to the clean-up spot and place Nick third. Would be nice to get the high OBP guy up right before a guy on a huge power tear.


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