Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Felipe Lopez

It is pretty up in the air what the Nationals will do when Vidro comes back regarding Spivey and Cristian Guzman. If the roster stays like it is, I would like to see them give Spivey a try at SS as he is a serious upgrade over Vidro.

Assuming, however, they decide to make Spivey the backup 2B and a prime option off the bench, we will need a solid SS to take Guzman's place, and Bowden and the press keep going on and on about how he has extra cash to pick up some pieces to really fill some holes and make a pennant run.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you....Felipe Lopez. Why Felipe Lopez?
1) He is on the Reds, who are going nowhere right now, so they would be one of those teams that would unload talent for the right price.
2) He is on the Reds, where I assume Bowden still has his best connections from his time with that team.
3) He is on the Reds, so he isn't well-known and hasn't gotten the buzz that would push his price sky high.
4) His .919 OPS is the second best in the majors for shortstops, after only Miguel Tejada (and DOUBLE Guzman's OPS).
5) He probably is an equivalent fielder to Guzman (Lopez actually has fewer errors this year, but this has been a pretty bad fielding year for Cristian).
6) He's a switch hitter, which Frank will love.
7) The Nats' fan base would go ga-ga over this deal as everyone realizes that our huge hole is at short--in fact, outside getting a huge 3B, which won't happen as Castilla is entrenched for now and Zimmerman was just drafted, and a big hitting catcher, which doesn't exist, where else can we upgrade the offense significantly.

Here is the huge thing holding this back: Lopez is only 25, so the Reds might really want to hang on to him as one of those young pieces of the puzzle in rebuilding the team. His current salary is only $415,000, so its not like we can offer the Reds cheaper options, and if we gave them Guzman, we would almost definitely have to eat his salary.

Anyway, acquiring Lopez would be my #1 option. #2 and close behind would be an absolute star pitcher, but I'm guessing we are more likely to get a middle of the staff type guy if we do make a move in that direction. My last piece of the puzzle, further behind those two, would be a solid lefty set-up guy to join Ayala and Majewski.


At 2:18 PM, Blogger Chris Needham said...

Everything that I've read indicates that the Reds are well aware of what they have in F-Lop. They seem quite happy with him and Freel at the top of their order.

Given his age and that they can still 'build' around him, I don't know if we have the goods to make a deal for him.

I love the idea, though!

At 11:12 PM, Blogger Gray said...

Yeah, the Reds love Lopez, and do actually seem to realize that they have a great young player there.

And while the Nats don't seem to have too much to offer (cash, perhaps?), do keep in mind: the Reds' GM is a total--okay, I'll be kind and say idiot. He's done nothing to fix the team so far, so maybe he's up for moves that wouldn't make sense to the saner individuals among us. Hey, it's worth a try.

At 11:19 PM, Blogger smith288 said...

Felipe is a corner stone to the Reds youth movement. He is going nowhere.


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