Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Easier to put behind us

I didn't get to see any of last night's game (in fact, this entire series won't be on UPN and this whole TV contract thing really has to get cleared up for the new owners--it is hard to imagine what the bids looked like without anyone knowing what the tv contract will be, there must have been a bunch of bidding in the dark no matter what MLB was able to tell them).

But, the box score makes it pretty clear that this was just an ol' fashioned clock cleaning. 20 hits, so many of them for extra bases that the Angels slugged .854 for the game. And, to argue the following point is silly because no one knows what the psychological effect is of losing close ones vs. getting blown out, etc., but I'll make the case that if we had to lose, this was the way to go:
We didn't get emptionally spent over it.
We didn't have to pitch Majewski, Ayala, Cordero or even Carrasco.
We didn't lose any of our mystique of "if it's close, we will find a way to pull it out."
We just lost to (what I think is) an excellent team whose bats were clicking.
Perhaps Frank can pat them on their asses and say, "let's start a new streak" and we can move on. And I'd hope that they won't dwell on the idea that they beat up on the weak AL West teams, and now they can't handle a real team, because they did win 6 of 7 from the Braves and Marlins, two real teams for sure.

If there are any real negatives to take from this game, they are easy ones to move on from, and they are:
1) Paul Byrd is not Pedro Martinez. Come on, let's get some more runs against him. (Paul is actually the last pitcher on my fantasy team and I didn't play him this week because a) I never play a starter who is about to face the Nationals and b) he sucks).
2) We really had a couple of good early chances in the game to take a lead and then after down 2-0, tie it, and we couldn't string anything together. We are going to have to wake the bats up earlier on the road.
3) Nick Johnson the last three games or so has lost a bit of his invincibility. Not that I expected him to hit over .500 the rest of the season, but there is something comforting about seeing that positive RV and WV in every day's box score. So, Nick...make me proud. Keep pounding that ball and taking those key walks.

In sum..congrats on the great win streak, and let's start another one (see, who needs Frank?). I said before the road trip and I'll stick by it, that 5-4 on this 9 game road trip (1-2 to ANA, 2-1 to TEX and PIT) would be outstanding and show that we can really play away from the friendly confines.


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