Thursday, June 23, 2005

Crystal ball (And lots of hope)

Looking ahead to the all-star break, we and the Marlins have the easiest (knock on wood) schedule over the 16-18 games before that break occurs.
So, I tried to break down the most likely occurrences for each series for each team and see (and hope) what our records would look like at the break.

I have the Nats (currently 42-30) going 2-1 at home against Toronto, 2-1 at home against Pittsburgh, 1-2 on the road at the Cubs, 3-1 at home against the Mets (a bit of hoping here), and with a lot of hope, going 2-1 at Philly to score a big win before the break. That gets us to 52-36.

Philly (now 39-33) plays a game against the Mets (1-0), 3 against Boston (1-2), 3 at the Mets (1-2), 3 vs. Atlanta (2-1), 4 at PIT (2-2) and the 1-2 against the Nats for 47-42, 5.5 games back.

Atlanta (now 38-33) plays a game against FLA (1-0), 3 against Baltimore (1-2), 4 at FLA (1-3), 3 at PHI (1-2), 4 vs. the Cubs (3-1) and 3 vs. MIL (2-1) for 47-42, also 5.5 games back.

Florida (now 34-34) plays a game against ATL (0-1), 3 at Tampa (2-1), 4 against Atl (3-1), 3 at the Mets (1-2), 4 vs. MIL (3-1), and 3 vs. the Cubs (2-1) for 45-41, 6 games back.

And the Mets (now 34-37) play one at Philly (0-1), 3 at the Yanks (1-2), 3 against Philly (2-1), 3 against FLA (2-1), 4 at the Nats (1-3 hopefully), and 3 at PIT (1-2) for 41-47, 11 games back.

And tell me that wouldn't be one happy all-star break!


At 4:01 PM, Blogger El Gran Color Naranja said...

So the plan is we outpace everybody but the Marlins (who with the easiest schedule just barely manage to keep up).

I'd doubt it more if it hadn't already been happening all year long.

At 4:36 PM, Blogger wolff said...

phils just lost to mets today!

At 4:52 PM, Blogger dexys_midnight said...

Phils losing to the Mets is obviously a positive :-)

And Gran, I did say I was being hopeful, although I think that our schedule is the easiest with the Marlins who have a pretty even schedule with us (we are at home against the Blue Jays and Pirates and they are on the road at Tampa, and home against Milwaukee).
Philly plays the division and Boston and one series at Pitt, and Atlanta plays at Florida and Philly and plays the Orioles, Cubs, and Brewers.

I'm definitely having wishful thinking here, but if we are going to have a shot at this division, we do need to gain games in stretches like this one.

At 6:17 PM, Blogger El Gran Color Naranja said...

No need to explain yourself. THe way this season has gone, I wouldn't be surprised if we went 16-0, while the rest of the NL East lost all the rest of their games (Yes, they would both lose in games against eachother. Nothing would surprise me, anymore). 10-6 isn't hopeful, it's pretty much standard Nats '05 baseball.


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