Sunday, May 08, 2005

One TOUGH division

Well, the NL East is quickly becoming the class division in the major leagues. Keeping in mind that every team has played most of their games against their division, so there are only so many games each team has played outside its division for a small sample size, take a look at the combined records of teams by division against other divisions:

NL EAST: 28-9 (19 games over .500)
NL CENTRAL: 16-34 (18 games under .500) (even the Cardinals are 2-7 outside their division (but 16-4 within))
NL WEST: 19-20 (1 game under .500)

AL EAST: 20-19 (1 game over .500)
AL CENTRAL: 19-20 (1 game under .500) (even the White Sox are just 5-3 outside their division (but 18-4 within))
AL WEST: 27-27 (exactly .500)

So, while the NL East is 19 games above .500, the NL Central is 18 games below and every other division is right around .500. And it isn't a matter of the NL East just beating up on the Central. The Central has been about equally beaten up by the West and East (9-17 against the West, 7-17 against the East), but the East is also beating up on the West (11-2).

What does all this mean? We should be even more proud of the start our Nats have shown. See? I say positive things too :-)


At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ESPN's MLB RPI Rankings...

...back up (or maybe are supported by) the divisional records you cite:

1. Chicago (AL)
2. Atlanta
3. Washington
4. Florida
5. NY Mets
11. Philadelphia

At 2:34 PM, Blogger DM said...

Very interesting, Anonymous. Note that we have had the toughest schedule of anyone in baseball so far.


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