Friday, May 27, 2005

Is this a little defensive?

Quote from Frank regarding the recent losing streak:
``When we are going good, it's not the manager, it's the players,'' Robinson said. ``When we are going bad, it's not the manager, it's the players. I make out a lineup and hope they perform. We are not performing at any level or any phase of the game.''

Um, do you want to take any of the blame, Frank? Seriously, some of your decisions have just been blatantly awful. If you are admitting you don't actually do ANYTHING once a game starts, then what are you doing in that dugout, anyway?

Oh, and in more Nats news, major shakeup today as various players got moved up, moved down and moved back and forth from the DL. Major loss to have Patterson injured, but good to get Tucker back and Kim is supposed to be quite good. Let's hope Nitkowski can give them something and everyone else gets healthy real soon.


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