Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Injuries and losses to bad teams

Lets start with the latter. We are down 3-0 and if we lose today we will have dropped 5 of 6 to two pretty bad teams. Frank bunted a-F*****g-gain in the first and we didn't score again, and if we drop games like these, we won't have nearly the kind of cushion we need when we start up against the rest of the NL East again.

The big news has to do with the injuries though. With the addition of John Patterson, our best starting pitcher this year to the DL, the Nationals now have 11 guys on the disabled list, including some of our best players like Patterson and Vidro. And this on a team that we all agreed was one of the least deep teams in the majors.

I am hoping Brendan Harris shows that he is a real major league player given the opportunity because we are going to need some sparks in this offense. I wonder if he can play positions other than third so that he can plug up a hole bigger than Vinny (*cough* Guzman). Our 7-9 batters are a big black hole sucking the life out of any inning, and our pitching staff is basically in the ER.
Let's hope we can work some magic today to get back in this.

p.s. Claudio Vargas appears to be all but done this season


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