Sunday, April 17, 2005

Dexy's Game 2 thoughts (a bit late)

So, I had Game 2's tix and my wife and I went with another couple. I learned something important. No tickets are so good that you are guaranteed a ball when kids are around you. The two kids seated in front of us (i.e., the first row) got 3, count em, three balls tossed to them by the Diamondback players between innings. This wouldn't have been so bad if they didn't relentlessly mock me the whole game because they knew that the ball would always be thrown to them and I made no bones about wanting one. Oh well, some day.

The scoreboard stories get worse. The K count is clearly part of a charity called "K for kids." Now, I am a big fan of giving to charity, but this blatant waste of our limited scoreboard space has got to stop. Apparently, I presume, there is a set amount going to this charity for each time a Nat Pitcher gets a K all, not only to they run a count for the game, but they split the board into a K count for the game and a K count for the season. So, in mid-June, scoreboard space is going to be taken up showing us that the Nats have struck out 267 batters at home this season--wow, that's really going to increase my knowledge base of what's going on in the game. Oh, and yes, the K count was wrong all game again. Worse yet, a few innings in, the K count for the game was correct for the rest of the game, but the season total was game 2! You would think the program would keep a running count, but no, even that is subject to human error--nothing electronic in this stadium.
And yes, I also realize that I am probably more irritated at this because our seats essentially stare at this board if you look up so I am constantly reminded that I have that as my scoreboard instead of say, the count or a radar gun.

Ok, so here was my big beef with last night's game. Why were there 10,000 empty seats? I mean, that is absurd even on a cool night. The orange sections were pretty full, but there were huge bowls of yellow open and pockets of red. Apparently, the same was true for today and it was in the mid-70s. Very upsetting for a city that struggled so much to get this team. Sure it is going to be better than what the Expos drew every night, especially oif they keep winning (knock on helmet), but I'm confused at the lack of a sell-out.

As far as the game goes, I thought Patterson really pitched a gem. I was quite impressed with how often he seemed to get a first strike. I should check what the actual percentage was because it just seemed very high. I thought they just played a great game from start to finish--although the middle relief/mop-up men are a little worrisome. Day couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

The thing I took most from the game, however, was that I have come to the conclusion that this is going to be MUCH more of a pitcher's park than previously thought--even though we had thought that to some degree to begin with. From a live standpoint, Castilla's homer was crushed and barely left the ballpark. Glaus hit one to left that everyone was sure was gone (if fair) and it was caught at the wall. Clayton destroyed a ball to center (yes I know it was I have no power Royce Clayton, but still) that didn't even get to the warning track. I know this is subjective, but everyone around me thought the same thing--balls just do not carry in this park.

I know I bashed Castilla's signing as well as Guzman's. So while, unfortunately, I (and SNV and DM) couldn't be more right on Guzman, I hope Vinny continues this torrid pace and proves us wrong. If Vinny actually has 3/4 of his Colorado production as a Nat, that will be something else.

As of this writing, we have won as well today and are 8-4, in first place. If we can come out of these mini sets against the Braves and Marlins 10-6, this will be a very special first 10th of the season. Go Nats!


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