Friday, April 22, 2005

As far as I know...

he's never killed anyone. I promised myself I would start this post out with something nice to say about Cristian Guzman. But baseball-wise, what can one really say?

Cristain decided yesterday that killing us with the bat wasn't enough. He had to lose the game with his glove. So, now I'm guessing that his fielding ERV is also negative, to go along with his monstrously negative batting ERV--DM can provide that info.

Sure, you can find people who will say that the field was terrible and it wasn't his fault. But players make plays and he needed to make that play to close the game out. Cordero shouldn't have loaded the bases, but once that ball comes to you, with 2 outs in the 9th, up 1, you get that ball to first base.

In keeping with the Guzman watch by the way, here are his updated stats 10% of the way through the season:
.180 on-base percentage
.175 slugging percentage
for a .355 OPS
NO(!!!) runs scored, not a one.
2 RBIs
and a BB-K ratio that projects to 30 walks against 110 Ks for the year.

Oh, and if you took out his 3 for 4 with a double monster game in a 6-3 loss to the fish...those percentage numbers almost drop by half. Does not make me happy.

Lastly, for this post...

On a really good note, John Patterson has to be considered the #1 best news surprise of the young season. This gives us a pretty solid top of the rotation. And let's hope Hector Carrasco keeps going from that solid inning he gave us yesterday--we need middle relief help!

[SNV addition - Peter Gammons had a blurb on Patterson, too, mentioning the fact that one opposing manager has said that he is "on the verge" of being a "dominant" starter. If you had a nickel for every time Boston Gammons said that about a pitcher, well, you'd be a dominant banker.

By the way, Dexys, I had considered just uploading your voicemail to me about Guzman, but a transcript will do:

"That little shortstop f***! "Oh, hell make it up for his bat with his glove." Well F*** that! Bench the b***ard! I'm so sick of it!]


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