Monday, February 14, 2005

Anyone else worried about this?

So, Barry Larkin is now in the Nationals front office. I'm not terribly surprised by this since various people said he would move to some front office when he retired. What I am surprised by is who he joins in that office according to this article. It is bad enough that Bowden is the general manager. His moves have certainly not made this team better, and have probably made them worse through both action and inaction. But essentially, his assistants are now Larkin, Bob Boone and Jose Rijo. I'm just not sure that getting your old buddies from the Reds together, a team, mind you, that slowly collapsed on your watch (besides a respectable 1999 season), is the way to operate a team. Larkin obviously has no front office experience, although he may at least bring on the field knowledge. Boone never had a .500 or better record as a Reds manager. And I frankly have no idea what Jose Rijo has been up to outside his attempt at a comeback a couple years ago. Thoughts?


At 10:48 AM, Blogger Brian said...

Jose Rijo is an important signing. He has a respected baseball academy in the Dominican Republic. The Nationals have no representation in Latin America and leveraging Rijo could go a long way to re-establishing the farm system.

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree. Bowden and Boone is a frightening combination.

I thinks it's awesome D.C. got a team. I think it will get support. However, one thing about D.C. that rings true more than anyplace I've lived is that few people actually grew up here. So, I venture to guess, most who like baseball in the first place already have a favorite team.

I became alienated by my boyhood team (the evil empire) a few years back b/c of payroll disparity making a mockery of competition. So I've been ready for the Nats to arrive. But in the interim I've really got into appreciating Beane and the A's. Once you develop that way of thinking and someone puts Bowden in charge of your team its devastating. To witness him commit resources to horrendous players is painful. I fear the team will get worse before it gets better. This guy is a clown.


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