Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Pedro to Mets--love this as a Nats fan

So, it looks like Pedro, according to reports will go to the Mets for a reported $52 million over 4 years, and....this is huge...to make the deal go through, because they KNOW Pedro will fail his physical if given an MRI, they are trying to make skipping the MRI part of the deal.

I break this deal up as: Good for the Red Sox, Bad for the Mets, and pretty darn good for the Nats Fans.

Why is it good for the Sawks? Well, because Pedro, while he was one of the most, if not most, dominant pitchers for the last decade, is clearly now a 6 inning pitcher. And unfortunately, unless you have one of three or four bullpens in the majors that can throw out a great lefty-righty setup combo plus a great closer (which you wouldn't want them forced to go out every time to relieve your #1 starter anyway), you can really be in trouble. The Red Sox have seen how much trouble a number of times now, and they have seen Pedro's decline especially on the # of pitches he can throw each year. You want to see what he does in 4 years, which the Mets have guaranteed? Plus, everyone said that Nomar and Pedro (for totally different reasons) were the two guys that just didn't fit in in the Red Sox dugout this year. They got rid of Nomar, now they get a chance to unload Pedro and look like they gave it a real try at keeping him. Theo raised his offer just enough to look really good, but not good enough to make it not worthwhile for the Mets to raise him. He set himself up to be unblameable from all factions.

Why is it just awful for the Mets? I say this as a Mets fan. This is a horrific signing. $13 million guaranteed for 4 years for a pitcher who has the flaws I just mentioned? And with the Mets' bullpen? And you have made public that you will forego an MRI because you know the deal wouldn't go through if he takes the MRI and fails his physical? That's like saying "don't put that diamond under the microscope; I know it's glass; I'll just take it!" Why not just choose a different fan each fifth game to shoot in the head at second base? That would also get headlines, and it seems that is all Omar Minaya wants with this signing. When will the Mets realize that, unless they actually start winning, the Yankees are always going to get the press? Deal with it. As soon as Boss George found out about this, he immediately re-opened Big Unit negotiations to steal those back pages back. For once, Mets owners, just TRY to actually build a team!

I'll tell you though, as a Nats fan, I love this signing. The Nats aren't going to be good for a couple of years anyway. And while he is on the decline, Pedro is still super-exciting and anything can happen when he pitches (one of the greatest pitched games I have ever been at, Sox at Orioles (oh, am I not supposed to say that I used to go to Orioles games and now I won't anymore? Sorry Mr. A), Pedro pitches a complete game shutout, no walks, 15 Ks, and he let up two back to back singles in the 5th--getting the 14 guys before that and the 13 guys after that straight. I hope the D' Backs keep Unit. I would love to be able to use my season tickets to see a mix of Pedro, Unit, Maddux and (maybe) Clemens. So, farewell from the Sox, Pedro, we'll see you when you come to town.


At 12:33 PM, Blogger dexys_midnight said...

Let me add the one negative about this from a Nats fan perspective. We have just lost a chance at signing any decent pitcher this season as the prices for medicority will surely rise in light of this.

At 1:21 PM, Blogger El Gran Color Naranja said...

I was originally a signing Pedro proponent. Six to seven innings of Pedro a night would have been plenty, with the bullpen the Nats should have next year. Plus, he would have been that "name" pitcher that grabs the fans.

But no way could I have gone along with a 4th year (I didn't even want 3 really) or 13 mill a year cost. The Nats are a couple years away from competing and couldn't afford to have 13 mill sunk on a dead arm in 2008. (of course don't count Bowden out of making that happen yet. We've already got 2008 Guzman costing us 4.2 mill. You can sign Estes for 7 million per for 4 years! Come on Jim!)

At 1:55 PM, Blogger tmk67 said...

$13 million is too much for 180 Pedro innings at best. But consider this...Castilla plus Guzman plus this mythical $6MM starter Bowden is shopping is only a little less than Brendan Harris at third plus Macier Izturis at short and Pedro at $13MM...

Which team would you rather see?

At 3:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a Phils fan, I think the Mets having Pedro would hurt. He'll be usable this year for sure, which might be the last year the Phils are competitive for a couple of years. Having to face Pedro several times during the year only makes it harder to get over the NL East hump.

Tom G


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