Thursday, November 18, 2004

What do we have to look forward to?

From what I can tell, the Expos lineup will go something like this in 2005 based on the current roster:

CF Endy Chavez .668 career OPS
2B Jose Vidro .837 OPS
1B Brad Wilkerson .838 OPS
LF Terrell Sledge .799 OPS
3B Vinny Castilla (until he is moved down in the lineup) .730 OPS (non-Coors) (although my calculation just by no Rockies years is .690)
RF Juan Rivera ,789 OPS
C Brian Schneider .720 OPS
SS Christian Guzman .685 OPS
P YAY! Livan could bat 7th in this lineup.


Livan Hernandez (not bad)
Zach Day (not great, but potential)
Tomo Ohka (same)
John Patterson (not good, but with more than 1K/inning, you never know).
5th starter: Youppi!

so Bowden absolutely has to sign a decent pitcher and a stop-gap pitcher for this team to stay in a huge chunk of their games with this lineup. Since the Expos averaged just under 4 runs a game last year, and with the recent signings they won't get more offense, I would like to see a plan for the future as opposed to "treading water" to quote SuperNova, especially since they signed Guzman to a deal to tread water for 4 years (love the quote from the Twins GM saying that Guzman got himself a great deal since the Twins would have never offered him that--would have really liked him to go after Renteria (or Ben Grieve instead of Castilla)). The good news is that the offense is young, so maybe there are a couple of gems in there (and I think Wilkerson will have a decent career); we can hope.

So, will he go after any pitchers of value: I really doubt he would go for Pavano, but maybe Odalis Perez? The Cubs probably won't let Clement go.

Finally, can you believe Tony Batista is only 30....wouldn't you have said 41?


At 3:38 PM, Blogger SuperNoVa said...

It's Termel Sledge.

The upside is that Guzman, 26, is entering his prime 27-30 period. Sledge should improve. But no, that's not the best lineup in the NL East.

I've always liked Tomo Okha. And I think people will be surprised - RFK will play as a pitcher's park. Not quite Petco, but it will be the top 3 or 4 pitcher's parks in the NL - provided they keep the original RFK outfield dimensions (335 down the lines, 385 in the power alleys, and 410 to CF).

At 4:06 PM, Blogger El Gran Color Naranja said...

Actually it's TeRRmel Sledge. The extra R is for "RFK"

They could start Nick Johnson and have either Wilkerson or Rivera play center while Endy rides the bench. For the 43 games he's not injured that would help the offense.

Ohka is pretty good. The last 6 games before his June injury he was throwing well (2.06 ERA). He's fine for a #3/#4. The problem is the Expos have a bunch of #3/#4/#5 guys. You forgot Armas - unless there is something I'm forgetting he would starting

Seeing what Bowden has done so far, I fully expect a 3yr $18 million dollar, Shawn Estes or Hideo Nomo signing. After they collapse, John Rauch or whoever is left out of your rotation would probably take over.

At 4:51 PM, Blogger SuperNoVa said...

Very good points, my spanish-named friend. Jon Rauch was once pitcher-of-the-year in the minor leagues (2000) while in the White Sox system. He tore his labrum (in 2001 - when it was highly fashionable for White Sox pitchers to do so - see Jim Parque and Mike Sirotka) and has had difficulty recovering.

He had kind of a bad scene last year with the White Sox - he left a game he started before the end of the game without telling anyone - and was in Kenny Williams' dog house. Rauch does have good stuff, and if RFK is a pitcher's park, he could very well be a solid 5th starter.

How do you forget Nick the Stick, Dexys? The one legitimate high OBP guy in the lineup and you treat him like he's some benchwarmer. Sure, he's fragile like a Faberge egg, but man, can that guy walk. And he's such a good fielding first baseman that he made Jason Giambi into a full-time DH! Errr, ok. Stick Johnson in at first, put Bad Brad Wilkerson back in the outfield, dump Chavez and you've got the second worst lineup in the NL East!

At 5:30 PM, Blogger dexys_midnight said...

So, I did intentionally omit Nick (always injured and has only really had one decent season), but sure, I can see putting him at first, Wilk in CF and dropping Endy. As for Tony Armas...he seems to be getting worse each year, so I am not sure he can make the regular rotation if Bowden actually gets anyone. By the way, Armas has one of the strangest stat years I can imagine--his WHIP was 1.54. He started 16 games. He averaged 4 1/2 innings per start. Yet he only had 6 decisions (and only 4 losses)?? 2-4 seems like an anamoly with those stats.


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